Questions & answers - Self Help

Are the products available in the store's stock or are they made to order?

For maximum freshness, the bouquets are only made to order. We can make at any time (during the program) approximately 80-90% of the bouquets and arrangements listed on the website.

Note: Orders with arrangements for events (weddings, baptisms, etc.) should be placed at least 10 days before the event.

How do I order?

Orders can only be made online on the website - you need to register.

Why is it necessary to pay in advance?

Due to the fact that we make bouquets and arrangements only to order and this procedure involves the processing of natural flowers, it is necessary to pay the order in advance.

What guarantee do I have that I will receive what I ordered?

In Romania, we have the most varied range of flowers in stock and the most complex floral compositions. If you are not satisfied, you can refuse the order at the time of receipt, and we will refund the entire value.

How long does it take to deliver? Can I schedule a delivery?

We can deliver the bouquets and floral arrangements to be offered on the same day or on the date you need them - please leave a note related to the delivery date in the order.

Note: Orders with arrangements for events (weddings, baptisms, etc.) should be placed at least 10 days before the event.

Will I be contacted by phone? Will the recipient be contacted?

We will only contact you if we need certain data/details, if the recipient cannot be contacted or if it is necessary to make a significant change to the ordered arrangement.

The recipient will be contacted by phone when the courier leaves our address book location, to confirm availability for taking over the flower arrangement.

Can you deliver without contacting the recipient first? I want it to be a surprise!

The floral arrangements are fresh and we want to deliver them in the best conditions, to preserve their charm, fragrance and delicacy. For these reasons, the floral arrangements will not be delivered until after the recipient confirms that he is at the address and can receive them in due time.

Do the floral arrangements look like the picture?

We estimate that for each arrangement we can respect the composition in the proportion of 80-90%, keeping at the same time the general appearance of the arrangement. Sometimes we have to modify the compositions due to the fact that some flowers are not in season, or the box/basket is not in stock in the version shown in the photo.

When we consider that the changes made to the floral arrangement are significant, we will contact you for confirmation.

What is the company's policy towards aggressive customers?

Customers who show aggressive or threatening behavior - for example: "If you don't give me what I want..." - will be blocked on social networks, and the emails they send will be blocked and redacted to Junk/ Spam.