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Hyacinth bulbs - 3 flower bulbs in pots

20.00 lei

One of the most beautiful spring smells comes from hyacinths. Even from a distance, you will feel their intense fragrance. It might surprise you to learn that hyacinths are in the lily family, but if you look closely at the individual flowers you'll see the familiar tubular shape.
Even if the hyacinths come in small pots, they are enough to ensure the plant's proper development until flowering.
Pot diameter 10-12 cm
*The displayed price is for a potted plant with 3 hyacinth bulbs.
Watering: The hyacinth will be watered moderately, twice a week.
Planted in the garden, hyacinths will follow their normal spring cycle and will bloom in a few weeks, depending on the temperature and the planting period.
Kept inside the house, the hyacinths will benefit from a strong development, growing and even blooming in just 4-5 days. This phenomenon occurs due to high temperatures in homes - let's not forget that hyacinth is a spring plant and normal development takes place in low temperature conditions.
After the flowering period, we will cut the leaves and the stem with past flowers and then we will plant the hyacinth in the garden, or we will leave it in the pot without watering it until the following spring.

Plant identification . Plant identifications come from renowned producers from all over the world and are considered correct, being verified by us within the limits of operational possibilities and the availability of credible information sources. In rare cases, labeling errors are discovered (especially in the case of plants without flowers) or producers use trade names to better promote certain varieties. When a possible error is discovered, we check and update the information, if confirmed, in the shortest possible time, from an operational point of view. We cannot be held responsible for labeling errors by manufacturers, as we have no control over this process.

Color: aleatory


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