Cumpara online mini plante suculente, pret imbatabil cu livrare!
Cumpara online mini plante suculente, pret imbatabil cu livrare!

Mini succulents (mix of species)

10.00 lei

Succulent plants are very popular due to their characteristics - besides their special appearance, the leaves and sometimes even the stems store reserves of water and nutrients. For this reason, it requires minimal care, i.e. moderate, infrequent watering. Succulent plants can be found almost anywhere in the world, because they easily adapt to any climate. It is mainly important that there is no excess moisture in the soil.
Pot diameter: 5-6 cm
Height with pots included: approx. 7.5 cm
*The picture is for informational purposes only. When ordering a potted plant, only one variety from the mix will be shipped. For several copies ordered, different varieties will be sent depending on the available stock.
The 20-piece sets contain at least 4 different varieties and are available to order, with advance payment. Delivery time is 5-7 working days.

No. of pieces: 1 plant (randomly chosen)

1 plant (randomly chosen)
Set of 20 potted plants

Important: Buchetele si aranjamentele prezentate sunt realizate la comanda. Desi suntem bine aprovizionati, stocul de flori si materiale decorative variaza in functie de sezon si cerere. Atunci cand diferentele sunt semnificative, va vom contacta telefonic.

Comenzile pentru evenimente (nunti, botezuri, etc.) ar trebui plasate cu minim 10 zile inainte de eveniment.