Tablou cu licheni stabilizati si decorativi, pret atractiv
Tablou cu licheni stabilizati si decorativi, pret atractiv

Painting with stabilized and decorative lichens

410.00 lei
Decorate your space with a painting with stabilized lichens, the perfect alternative when a traditional living green wall is not feasible. Plant paintings are ideal for interior spaces without sunlight.
Greenery in a house, office or other public space positively influences our subconscious. Shades of green are a symbol of safety. They create a favorable atmosphere for decision-making.
They come in a varied range of models that can be customized according to your needs. Stabilized lichens are available in several colors.
The frame model may be different from the presentation picture (white or black), depending on the available stock.

See care instructions for lichen paintings here.

Note: This product is made to order - for this reason advance payment is required. Execution and delivery time: 1-6 days. If certain components are not available, we will use a similar version or contact you for a replacement.

Frame size: 50 x 25 cm

50 x 25 cm

Important: Buchetele si aranjamentele prezentate sunt realizate la comanda. Desi suntem bine aprovizionati, stocul de flori si materiale decorative variaza in functie de sezon si cerere. Atunci cand diferentele sunt semnificative, va vom contacta telefonic.

Comenzile pentru evenimente (nunti, botezuri, etc.) ar trebui plasate cu minim 10 zile inainte de eveniment.