Tablou licheni stabilizati si trandafiri criogenati, de vanzare, pret atractiv

Picture of stabilized lichens and cryogenic roses

1,270.00 lei
Give an unforgettable gift - a painting with stabilized lichens and a mix of 6 red cryogenic roses and 3 yellow cryogenic roses.

Paintings with lichens should be placed in rooms with an atmospheric humidity of 40-60%, away from the sun's rays. In the case of rooms with lower humidity, it is recommended to use a humidifier.

Among the properties of the paintings with mosses and stabilized lichens we mention:

  • paintings with lichens act as a natural air filter - some studies show that they absorb toxins and phenolic substances
  • regulates the humidity of the air in a natural way and does not require maintenance - there is no need for spraying, watering, cutting, transplanting and they maintain their properties for many years
  • moss is a 100% natural, non-toxic, biodegradable product. It does not harm the environment, it does not have a negative impact on the health of people and animals.
  • they do not attract dust, impurities or insects

See care instructions for lichen paintings here.

For the sizes 25x25 cm and 32x32 cm, 9 cryogenic roses will be used, and for the size 50x50 cm, 15 cryogenic roses will be used.

Note: This product is made to order - for this reason advance payment is required. Execution and delivery time: 1-6 days. If certain components are not available, we will use a similar version or contact you for a replacement.

Frame size: 50 x 50 cm

50 x 50 cm
32 x 32 cm
25 x 25 cm

Important: The bouquets and arrangements presented are made to order. Although we are well supplied, the stock of flowers and decorative materials varies depending on the season and demand. When the differences are significant, we will contact you by phone.

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